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How to manage hacked Gmail account

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Google Mail, Gmail is a free service provided by the Google that enables users to send and receive e-mail over the Internet. Gmail was initially thought of as a joke because it was announced on April 1st, 2004. What helps make Gmail unique it is the ability to store several gigabytes of e-mail data, which means most users don't have to worry about not getting e-mail due to exceeding their available storage. Gmail is integral mail platform for many. With this Gmail makes to be an enhanced mail platform for users that enables exchange of mails quiet easily but in case problem still persists get easy help from Gmail Contact Number

Hacking is just like a nightmare that could be badly make you fall in great trouble. Your Gmail account can illegally get accessed by other users and thus, you don't understand that what actually going on with your Gmail account. Though that Gmail security feature is too strong enough against any error, but also then there are some situations in which account get hacked. However, with the proper support you can easily save your Gmail from hacking.

Here, is what to do if your account is hacked so that you can save your Gmail from illegal activities:

  • Change your password of Gmail account- You are so lucky enough, if you are still having access to your Gmail account after finding any sign of hacking immediately change the password so that hackers could not have gain access to your Gmail account.
  • Use the clean house tool- Use tool clean house or other tool similar to it to get the alert for the sensitive data stored in your email such as password, bank account detail, security pin, online banking password or any other details.
  • Check your Gmail latest security feature- look at your activity log to find whether there has been some activity or not, you need to move down of the page and then need to ask for all activities that have been done.
When you really wish to maintain a secured mail exchange use over gmail you must take care that at no costs your account must be compromised. With right actions such issues in gmail can be avoided but in case if problem still persists you may still have option to obtain easy help from Gmail Support Number anytime.

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