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What is email header in outlook?

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Hotmail is a platform famous for its mail services. Even though it does not believe in providing any other additional services other than the mail services but it focuses to provide enhanced mail exchange services. This is the reason why outlook is called mail oriented platform. Hotmail provides applications that are for mail and thus user can enjoy enhanced mail experience over their outlook platform. Hotmail is leading mail network used widely in offices as well as homes and this is because it is both enhanced and user friendly. Using outlook is very easy but in case if you find any difficulty using anything on outlook easy help may be obtained from Outlook contact number anytime.

To provide appropriate facilities of easy mailing outlook has enabled so many services for its users. All these services are user friendly such that user may use it and make the most out of their outlook platform. Even though outlook provides so many services, many services are still unknown to users. One among this is the header of outlook. This can be a useful feature of outlook when user needs to peep into the technical details of the mail.

Header in outlook is important because it entails the technical description of mails. This may include specific details like:

  • Who have sent the mail?
  • The software which was used to compose this mail (if any).
  • The email servers from which the mail have passed. 
  • The date of sending and the receiving date. 
  • The recipients which have received this mail other than you. 

Viewing all these details is easy with the help of headers in outlook and there are ways with which you can view the header of any mail that you have received.

For this you need to follow these following steps:

  • Go to your outlook with your Outlook id and password. 
  • Open the message.
  • Now click the file tab
  • Select properties. 
  • View the internet header pane. 
  • Right click this and then click select all. 
  • Copy the required information
  • Close properties box. 

With these easy steps you can view all the details of the mail received and this can make things clear. This is easy to use and view but in case if any problems still exists you may obtain easy help from Outlook support number 0800-046-5027.

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